We LOVE our patients here at Body by God!

We are a State-of-the-art clinic located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Dr. David Dick has been in practice since 1992! (a quarter century of service!)

Amazingly, our patients travel from as far as Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, New York, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Connecticut, California and Florida to be evaluated and to receive treatment with us.

We only accept cases we can help


We treat every patient we meet as we would our own family.

We accept and are often referred the worst and most hopeless patients and cases for evaluation... and have great success with our accepted cases.


As a commitment to serve our patients and community, we also provide

FREE health workshops in every aspect of wellness promotion including:

Healthy eating

weight loss

Diabetes prevention and recovery

Arthritis reversal and joint rebuilding through natural means 

Fitness and exercise at every age

etc., etc.






Get ready for summer and come talk to our other in house wellness expert,

Dr. Wendy Dick, D.Sc.

(A licensed Drugless practitioner and natural health expert and Harvard Doctor)

about LightenUp!! 

LightenUp is a Totally Natural, unduplicated Weightloss system. 

Lose 20-40+ pounds of FAT in 40 days GUARANTEED! 

This is a fully customized, Doctor Supervised weightloss system! 

  • No need for exercise
  • No hunger or cravings
  • No Drugs, ALL Natural                      
  • No Pre Packaged Foods

We are looking forward to answering any questions that you may have.
You may email directly at  drwendydick@gmail.com

or you can call us at our office at (918) 451-3737
We look forward to hearing from you.

he Power that Made your Body, Heals your Body!




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Health Articles

Baby's Life Changed With Chiropractic
Baby's Life Changed With Chiropractic
The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health published a case study on April 14, 2016, documenting the case of a baby girl who was suffering with a variety of digestive and neurological problems being helped by chiropractic. The baby had been diagnosed medically with Sandifer syndrome since birth. . . .
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Drug Overdose Now Leading Cause of Injury-Related Deaths
Drug Overdose Now Leading Cause of Injury-Related Deaths
A report published in June 2015, by Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation noted that over 44,000 death occur each year in the United States due to drug overdoses. Of this, more than half are due to prescription drugs. The study shows that over the past 4 years, 26 states . . .
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Common Heartburn Drugs Linked with Kidney Disease
Common Heartburn Drugs Linked with Kidney Disease
The headline above is from a January 11, 2016, CBS News story reporting the research link between acid reflux medications and kidney disease. The original research was published in the February 2016 edition of JAMA Internal Medicine. . . .
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Growing Number of Parents are Turning to Chiropractors to Treat Their Kids
Growing Number of Parents are Turning to Chiropractors to Treat Their Kids
The headline above comes from a June 22, 2015, feature article in the Minnesota Star Tribune. The article looks at several children who have had their lives improved by going to a chiropractor. The article begins by saying, "Concerned about the frequent use of antibiotics, some parents are seeking . . .
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